The mission of Blind Expò is to create high-quality products made in Italy to ensure the right security of environments and people. On the market for more than ten years, we offer our customers high availability and reliability.


MATERIALS: the materials used for our products are mainly high-quality iron and steel.

WELDING: the most advanced methods are used by qualified technicians with many years of experience

PAINTING: the finest paint works are followed by Blind Expo, to which passenger cars are subjected

MOUNTING and SHIPPING: the product is subject to thorough checks before shippin

Blind Expò Srl

Headquarter: Via Coppalati, 10 - 29122 Piacenza (PC)

Showroom and warehouse: Via Grilli 10/A San Nicolò a Trebbia - Rottofreno 29010 (PC)

P.IVA 01487530337

phone./fax+39 0523 594372

Mob. +39 366 3555 071


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