The Blind Expò display, produced and marketed by us, exposes your products to customers ensuring maximum safety, practicality and comfort. Once locked by a simple turn of the key, it protects and preserves the contents.


Once closed, Blind Expò complies with UNI EN 14450:2005 safety standards, certified by the Giordano Institute S.P.A in secure storage units – S2 certification.   The elegant display from behind the counter or the wall one expose products by giving answers to the increasing need for security of traders. The guarantee against theft is almost absolute, nothing is impossible, but there is evidence that having the Blind Expo prevents from being victims of burglary attempts.


  • 3 mm thick armoured plates. (Residential security doors are usually 1,2)
  • Safety locks (depending on the model, any protection with manganese plates)
  • Retractable steel hinges.
  • Full model weight if the display and stock base from 300 to 560 kg (prediction data, which varies depending on the model)
  • 6 anchor points.


  • Exhibition display with a central part designed to accommodate even pack pushers. Side folding doors for closets, all protected as in a safe
  • Basis for inventories in the safe
  • "Valuables" drawer
  • All in one for quick inventory, and immediately foldable
  • Maximum visibility of the products on display for customers


  • State and regional funding for "securing"
  • Primary insurance provides sharp reductions of insurance premiums for those who obtain our display, having regard to the significant reduction in risk. Ask for a quote to your insurer assuming the adoption of Blind Expò and you can have substantial reductions.

Blind Expò Srl

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