put your most precious products in safety
solutions for the furniture of tobacconists

Blind Expò - armoured furniture is the solution to the problem of theft into your business. The Blind Expò system can easily be placed as a piece of furniture for: Tobacconists, Optical centers, Pharmacies, Perfume and cosmetic shops, Other stores with valuables

Blind Expò finds several uses depending on the nature of the display you're looking for: stylish for back-counter, closed in the evening, it becomes a safe with the security systems applied.

Blind Expò Srl

Headquarter: Via Coppalati, 10 - 29122 Piacenza (PC)

Showroom and warehouse: Via Grilli 10/A San Nicolò a Trebbia - Rottofreno 29010 (PC)

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phone./fax+39 0523 594372

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