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Installation Anti-theft solution


Theft / Burglary usually occurs within the first 4 minutes after activation of the usual classic anti-theft methods (acoustic alarm, flashers, calling security or authorities). Still, even when these strategies do their job, they are not effective in deterring the burglar from breaking in.

Nowadays video surveillance systems are no longer able to discourage criminals from breaking into places even though they know they are being filmed. More often than not we are seeing how all types of sophisticated security methods are deactivated or neutralized by thieves using simple devices.

Traditional alarms are not sufficient to ensure safety to persons or places. Even when alarms go off and telephone devices kick in, thieves, knowing the time response of security personnel, are still able to steal almost anything in a short time and escape undisturbed leaving no traces (theft / break-in with forceful entry is usually over in about 2 minutes).

Blind Expò® offers a powerful solution to this problem. It is a quick and efficient way to deal with theft. The strategy used in our products is in line with the strong response traditionally used only by banks which deters the criminal and forces him to leave or else allows for the timely intervention of private security personnel or authorities.

Thus, almost all thefts that can be carried out in a 120-minute lapse can be prevented by Blind Expò.
Blind Expò® is the ultimate protection device for the exhibited goods in your business.
Blind Expò® secure display cases and armoured cabinets, for tobacco shops, smoke shops, tobacconists, optical shops, perfumery, cosmetic and perfume counters, electronics and mobile phone stores, offices and documents, convenience stores, drug stores and drugs.

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